Blue Dog Farms Pasture Raised Meats

Blue Dog Farms raises animals in a low stress, natural environment.

Rotationally grazed, sustainably raised, all grass fed and grass finished beef.

All natural, pasture raised, non-GMO fed, pork, chicken and turkey.

Experience the difference in quality & taste while supporting a local, veteran owned family farm!

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  • Grass Fed, Grass Finished BEEF

    Never fed GMOs, anti-biotics or hormones (growth promotants), Blue Dog Farms Beef is all natural and all grass fed & grass finished.

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  • Delicous pasture raised pork.

    Pasture PORK

    All pasture raised, able to root for in the mud as God intended! All natural, fed an offering of specialty non-GMO feed designed by our Amish feed mill owner and Farmer Dan.

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  • Pasture raised, non-GMO fed chicken

    Pasture CHICKEN

    All pasture raised, rotationally grazed CHICKEN. Non-GMO fed and allowed to graze in fenced in paddocks with their guard goose, Gustav, and a Mr. Churchill the llama as protectors.

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  • Pasture TURKEY

    All pasture raised, rotationally grazed and non-GMO fed broad breasted turkey. Generally a special offering for Thanksgiving and once during the summer months.

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How to pick up your order!

Pick up is at the Farm, located at 2482 Smith Mill Rd. in New Freedom PA. Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 1:00. If you need to make other arrangements for pick up, please call (717) 814-2744 or email:

Watch a video about Blue Dog Farms!

  • From Kristi:

    We love Blue Dog Farms! We started by trying some of the beef by purchasing 1 pound packs of ground beef, a roast and some bones. We had such a great experience that we went ahead with a half cow! The meat is delicious and responsibly raised but best of all the family that raises the cows is amazing <3

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  • Ryan says:

    Good friends recommended Blue Dog Farms and we followed their recommendation. We recently picked up our pig (beef to come in ~Feb) and couldn't be more impressed with the quality and taste. The marbling is superb and the taste... The best pork we've
    ever cooked. Our first meal was a Chili Verde and the pork shoulder was perfect. There is no denying the care, effort, and time they put into their animals.

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  • Erika says:

    Wonderful family and delicious, local, grass fed beef. My family loves it and the taste is indescribable! I will never go back to supermarket meat.

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  • From Troy:

    Love knowing exactly where the meat for our meals comes from. Great people!

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  • From Gwen:

    Thank you, Blue Dog Farm for the fantastic beef to make Beef Stew in my Instant Pot. Planned this meal for vacation, this week, when I found out the weather would be rainy and cold in the mountains of Western Maryland, at Deep Creek Lake. Not only was it delicious, it warmed us on a chilly 46 degree evening with leftovers for the next night. Always a great choice with Blue Dog Farms.

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  • Tom says:

    I have recently purchased beef and poultry from Blue Dog Farms. I must say, they are absolutely amazing!! When I finished cooking, the entire apartment smelled delicious as well the main hallway linking apartments. So at 0115 hours I was savoring my first tastes of what I would have imagined chicken to taste like in heaven. Incredibly fresh, juicy, tender, and clean/natural. Without a doubt I will be buying my chicken from BDF! Worth the 100 mile each way trip!

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